Free Ranging in Winter

growers gum tree July 2014

Here in the New England region of NSW we receive most of our rain in the summer, whilst the landscape browns off in the winter. With our wonderful new farm bore, we look forward to being able to establish winter active legumes for the chickens, but for now, as you can see, they still enjoy their foraging areas.  It’s been quite a cold winter here so far, with a couple of minus ten mornings, and a tiny bit of snow. In the winter, we don’t let the chickens out of their brooding shed until they are 5 weeks old, (in summer it’s 3 weeks), the birds also eat more to keep warm and we put up extra wind protection in their mobile shelters. This flock of chickens are about 8 weeks old in this photo and are maturing nicely for Armidale chef, Rowan Tihema of NERAM Harvest – we are really looking forward to their fitting end with his skilled workmanship on the 26th July.


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