Passing on Skills to the Next Generation

dad showing pete and tim plucking sept 2014

These days, to be able to sell our birds, we take them all off-farm to be processed. Last Saturday though, the small number of chickens we had ready was not worth the trip, so we decided to bring out all our stored equipment and process them at home, like the good old days. As our children had grown a lot since the last time we processed at home (children seem to have a habit of doing this), it was also a good opportunity to get them more involved. We also invited over a friend who was keen to see how it’s done, and by morning tea he’d left with 5 lovely processed chickens and a bit more confidence to try himself one day. I commented how my mum prepared chickens and geese at Christmas time, and even though he was a similar age to me, he could only remember his grandmother doing so, as he grew up in the city.
I’m grateful that we have parents who taught us how to grow and prepare some of our own food, and to have the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to our children.
What a drastic day for modern mankind if his drive-through KFC or barbecued chicken should not be available. I do hope my children may be a little better equipped to survive though should that day come.

dad showing Geoff evisceration sept 2014

See our favourite way to roast heritage-style chicken here.

family chicken dinner sept 2014


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