About our Naked Necks.

grower close up with naked neck chicken by T and J

Sommerlad chickens have been developed for Australia’s unique free range farming conditions. Sometimes we refer to our exclusive genetic strains as an artist’s palette of colours. We maintain diversified characteristics so that we can draw upon them to respond to specific requirements. Take for example our rather weird looking naked neck chickens. Their neck naturally has no feathers, which comes from the “Transylvanian Naked Neck” breed. It may not be attractive, but the absence of feathers around the neck gives the growing meat chicken greater heat tolerance. We have developed our naked neck strains for our farmers who live in hot areas of Australia. Sommerlad chickens also grow slower than modern white meat chickens (broilers), avoiding the welfare issues associated with their extremely fast growth rate. Naked neck chickens are known for their excellent foraging ability and table qualities, including the Label Rouge chicken of France.

naked neck grower sept 2014


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