A Favourite Meat Chicken Sire

dad's favourite meat sire sept 2014 no5

“Now that’s my idea of the perfect meat chicken sire” said dad, as he took a few moments to sit back and enjoy the sight before him; one of our more attractive roosters, strutting about outside on the grass with his girls, a beautiful sight to see. Michael (dad), once worked in the conventional meat chicken industry where he waded through a sea of white chickens day in and day out. His love of animals and particularly chooks meant he always treated them with respect and gave them as much comfort as he could within the parameters he had to work in. Intensive chicken farming can be hard to remain content with though, when you’ve grown up breeding many different types of chooks and watched them forage outdoors. Today on our farm, we still see chooks every single day, but we once again enjoy the colour and beauty of many different breeds and their unique character traits. It’s something we believe we are privileged to do and never become bored with.

dad's favourite meat sire sept 2014 no7


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