Grass Makers

corner paddock Jan 2015

Many years ago a friend described my husband as a “grass maker” and not a “grass taker”. I think the description is very fitting. Every since I’ve known him, he has always been passionate about allowing natural systems to express themselves to their full capacity, to the benefit of the environment and the enterprise. It really doesn’t matter how much land you have, it’s whether you are interested in that land. I can remember the first 3 acres we purchased, by the time we moved on, Michael had subdivided it into 17 individual paddocks to rotationally graze our livestock. When we lived on half an acre in town, he often had sections of it fenced off for various pasture trials. If it’s in you, it’s in you, I’m sure God gives this passion and desire to some people, and others, they don’t even see the ground beneath their feet. Perhaps they’re busy thinking about other important things that grass makers don’t notice.

Strip grazing the cows. We must work on fodder conservation methods, only a few months ago it was brown and dry, now our handful of cows can't keep on top of the feed.

Strip grazing the cows. Only a few months ago we didn’t know if we’d make it through the winter, now look at the feed. We really need to work on fodder conservation.

Sowers the big rain Dec 2014 004

The Sowers. Our very own NAWWOOFERS – Not Always Willing Workers on our nearly Organic Farm. Otherwise known as “The Kids”. They didn’t all achieve an even spread of seed, but they had a go.

The deep rip before the big December rains.

The Deep Rip. Just in time, as the December rain clouds grew in the distance.


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