Visiting Milking Yard Farm


It was an absolute pleasure to visit Milking Yard Farm just before Christmas last year. With the help of family to take care of things at home, we set off for a flying adventure. Bruce went all out to collect us in style, and we were chauffeured from the Melbourne airport in his trusty Landrover, pulling a trailer load of chicken feed. What fair dinkum Aussie farmer makes a trip to town without picking up some supplies? We were then treated to a day and an evening on their attractive farm, enjoying Bruce and Rozi’s graceful and generous hospitality, and their friendly fun and antics.

The farm is a credit to them, they purchased 50 acres of land from a dairy farmer about 7 years ago, and have worked very hard to transform it into the productive piece of paradise it is today. The barn-style home and farm buildings blend in beautifully to the surrounding countryside, so much so, I thought they had always been there, but Bruce and Rozi built them from scratch. The large productive kitchen garden was also a delight to the eye, and was more evidence of the Burton’s hard work.

I think the biggest thrill for Michael and I was to watch the chickens foraging in Milking Yard Farm’s forest area, WOW, one of the most attractive free range poultry scenes we have ever seen. Bruce and Rozi have established belts of closely planted trees to act as wind breaks, and now they serve as a haven for their growing chickens. The birds sounded so content.

Amongst the fun, food and friendship, Michael did fit in some consultancy, and then we headed back home, very impressed by all we had seen, and thankful to have enjoyed together one of the more pleasurable aspects of our business.


The two photos above are courtesy of News Limited.

Corrected Bruces upside down


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