Summer turns to Autumn – Snapshots of our farm life.

fun on the wood shavings Jan 2014

Lots of rain over Christmas and new bales of litter were needed for the breeder pens. Farm kids take any opportunity for home-made fun.

breeders in old orchard March 2015

There really are no fat white meat chickens struggling to walk on our place. Our chickens struggle to stay where they should more like.

Mobile Breeder Houses March 2015

A new mobile breeder pen ready to be taken to the paddock. Thanks for your engineering and welding help Uncle Neil.

breeder pen into corner paddock March 2015

Dad’s superior driving skills negotiate the gate with ease.

Pasture in corner paddock March 2015

Look at that beautiful pasture ready for the girls in the new mobile pen.

Breeders corner paddock at Stannum March 2015

Enjoying their new home.

kids at crossing Jan 2015

Some unusual warm weather had us visiting the local crossing a few times.

Henry and tortoise Jan 2015

Henry, our reptile enthusiast (or Harry Butler for anyone who stills remembers). He found a lot this summer.

curious chookie 4

One of my favourite shots of the season – “Curious Chookie”.

Time for Bed Breeders March 2015

… and so to bed.

Dinner's Ready!

“Dinner’s Ready!” The sun sets on another day.


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