Snow at Tenterfield?

Freezing Sunday July 12 Kildare

Absolutely freezing day here today. 4 degrees outside and dropping rapidly as the sun sets. Our little town of Tenterfield was packed with tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of snow, but it hasn’t arrived yet, except up the top of Mount McKenzie. Our kids were hoping desperately that it would snow on our farm, or at least up top in the high country. We all went for a Sunday afternoon tour in the ute but the photos don’t show that the wind was like ice. We saw 3 magnificent Wedgetail eagles, feral pigs, feral goats, kangaroos and according to our two year old Jemima we also saw elephants!

Some of the views are quite breathtaking. Shall we build a log camping cabin and invite you all over?

Up Top Kildare July 12, 2015

Up the top Kildare  July 12, 2015

Can you see the three ferals pigs? Dad did.

Ferals Pigs Kildare July 2015

Michael spent much of his teenage years wandering their family farm with a rifle over his shoulder. I know how long he has longed for a place to be able to again.

Feral Pigs Kildare July 12, 2015

Checked the cows.

Checking cows Kildare July 12, 2015

We’ve been spending our time “down the bottom” of the property concentrating on the poultry and now the hatchery seems to be functioning well too. It was good to take a little time “up top” and get to know the rest of this beautiful property. Hope you’re keeping warm where you are and still hoping we may see some snow.


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