Yes, it really did snow!

out the front door snow 2015

We woke up on Friday morning, the 17th July to a covering of snow. The kids were so excited, even more than Christmas morning, but when the pain from cold hands began the excitement died down a notch.

Snow July 17, 2015

Here’s the first snowman, Bruce.

girl's snowman

It started to fall again around morning tea time and here are Henry and Peter building their snowman as it fell.

snowing at 'Kildare' July 17, 2015

We haven’t had general snow coverage in Tenterfield since 1984, I remember having 3 days off school. It was perfect timing as we have no growing chickens out in the paddock yet. The spare roosters had plenty of room to shelter in their mobile houses and it was good to know the breeding birds in the shed below were so warm and dry. I think we were actually colder than the chooks in our farmhouse. Even with the fire roaring we couldn’t get the house up over 4 degrees for most of the day. Insulation in the roof and under the floor is on our priority list.

breeding shed snow 2015

snow fall the barn july 2015

Well it was cold and uncomfortable, but we’re so pleased the kids were able to experience such an awesome one in 30 year event. It was nearly all gone by mid afternoon, and the sun is out again today – yippee! Here are the kids playing this morning in the leftovers.

next morning SNOW 2015


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