Rearing Layer Pullets

In our last post we told you about the conversion of the shearing shed for all our chick brooding. This is working brilliantly, and now we have also transformed underneath the shed for rearing Bond Black layer pullets for Possum Creek Farm.

We began by removing many years of accumulated sheep droppings.



The area transformed like it was always destined to be a cosy roosting area for the pullets. Note these hinged perches that can be pulled up out of the way. We are very grateful for the skilled team of people we have working with us.


Much thought went into the design of the range areas.


They extend from the northern side of the shearing shed, and are divided into two sections for sustaining vegetation cover, with shade trees in both.


The whole area is electrically fortified as foxes and quolls are at the top of our predator list.


With everything ready, the layer pullets were weighed and transferred from their brooding area above to their new home below, through a chute – we’re loving this double storey building.


The pullets are now on the second range area and foraging all day long. We’ve closed the gate to their first paddock and top dressed it from the pile of sheep droppings.

Layer Pullets Oct 2015

Kildare shearing shed lives on and on, and the layers are doing very well.

Layer Pullets Kildare Oct 2015


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