Beautiful Breeding Birds

Michael and the boys were working with the parent birds this morning whilst I had a bit of a photo snapping frenzy. The birds looked so beautiful in the morning sun.

beautiful breeders 2 Kildare March 2016
A lot of our naked necks brought together in this breeding group.

close up barred naked neck March 2016

Close up breeders March 2016

Henry with pullet March 2016

A couple of handsome young chook farmers showing off their pullets.
Peter with pullet March 2016

Breeders into new pens March 2016

The first breeding group were placed inside our brand spankin’ new pens inside the second breeder house. They quickly inspected the lovely nest boxes and seemed quite impressed.
Breeding birds into new pens March 2016

The breeder transfer team March 2016

Transferring completed and extra checking needed tonight to make sure everyone finds the right place to camp.


One comment

  1. Gorgeous photos.

    So interesting seeing your boys too! The one in the orange shirt looks like Michael and the green shirt looks like you. Beautiful boys.

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