Nutritional Benefits of Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver Breakfast

Our Easter Sunday breakfast included some of our pan fried chicken livers. This is a quick and easy way to include chicken liver in your diet:

1. Rinse chicken livers
2. Drain on paper towel
3. Slice into even sized pieces so they cook evenly.
4. Preheat olive oil in a fry pan large enough to fry your liver pieces in a single depth (use enough oil to cover bottom approx. 5-10 mm)
5. Toss liver pieces in plain or corn flour seasoned with salt and pepper (optional dried mixed herbs).
6. Fry in pan stirring continually until cooked through (approx. 4-5 minutes depending on piece sizes).

We both grew up in homes where offal was cooked fairly regularly, and we’ve just always taken for granted it was good for us. I had a quick google search this evening that only served to confirm our parents and their parents before them made a wise choice (funny that). Here’s a nutritional run down from

Of course, knowing ours were fresh from our own pasture reared heritage chickens made them even better.


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