Winter wanes and faithful farm utes keep on keeping on

Our trusty little Subaru Brumby warming up on one of the many frosty mornings we’ve had this winter. Each day, come rain, frost or shine it faithfully carts us about to feed the chooks, open their shelters, collect their eggs, transport the dead or wounded and on it goes all across the farm.

Frost July 2016

No snow settled on the farm this year, just a light dusting on top of the Doctor’s Nose.

Doctor's Nose 28th June 2016

Our new breeder house has kept the birds safe and warm this winter. It’s large northern opening lets in plenty of winter sunlight.

Hay 3 June 2016


A record number of eggs have been collected and set…

hatchery storage racks 1st August, 2016

…and we’ve taken delivery of the first chick boxes with our own printing. Little steps.

chick boxes printed for Sommerlad Poultry August 2016We have 3 of these new shelters in the paddocks and a fourth nearly ready to go.

sheds being built August 2016

Our growing chickens enjoy their well designed comfort. They can duck outside whenever they like during the day and we lock them in at night for protection from predators.

chickens inside shelter with litter August 2016

During winter we keep our chickens in their heated brooding area for longer and here’s Michael and the girls taking them some freshly picked lucerne.

Michael picking lucerne for chicks

going to the shearing shed with dad 3.9.16

lucerne to brooding chicks

Goodbye cold winter, always keen to see the back of you. Hello spring, you are much welcome here.

Late winter forage August 2016 Grower 1

…and here’s to faithful farm utes that keep on keeping on.

Egg collection August 2016



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