Christmas Eve in the high country

Our beautiful New England region looks a picture after an unusually wet spring followed up by summer storms.

The chickens are enjoying the summer paddocks and it’s been quite funny to watch the young ones chase the abundance of insects. The last flock for 2017 are now undertaking the noble task of gracing Christmas tables.

Our farmhouse kitchen has been a hive of activity as our children have lined up (read fought and argued) to create special Christmas time treats. Biscuit mixture and icing are everywhere, literally, and the sink is constantly piled high with washing up. I don’t think I could actually find any space to bake even if I wanted to.

This afternoon we headed up the top of our farm in pursuit of a Christmas tree. Dad had found a little forest of them a few months earlier when pursuing some of the neighbour’s stray sheep.


Stopping to take in the breathtaking views and grab a few family pics we headed on to get the tree.





Merry Christmas, hoping you have a great one.



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